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Americans are facing the reality that layoffs, downsizing, unemployment and underemployment have become a way of life as a result of the current worldwide pandemic. The pandemic has also led to a re-evaluation of career choices with entrepreneurship getting serious consideration.

When unemployment benefits terminate, severance pay disappears, and job interviews are non-existent despite circulating hundreds of resumes, months of networking, and attending dozens of virtual job fairs, self-employment may be the only viable option to staying financially afloat. This webinar explains the entrepreneurial philosophy and presents a realistic overview of what self-employment entails.

This webinar is divided into two segments: lecture and question-and-answer period. The topics covered include personality analysis, assets assessment, prioritizing, goal-setting, and the initial steps in business formation, including registering a business registration, filing for sales tax collection authorization, opening a business checking account and addressing business-related insurance concerns.

Constance Hallinan Lagan, director of The Entrepreneurial Center for Small Business Development, lectures nationwide on the job search, career advancement, entrepreneurship and personal growth for corporations, government agencies, professional associations, labor unions, hospitals, health care agencies, support groups, financial institutions, women’s organizations, churches, colleges, universities and libraries nationwide.

Connie's byline appears in more than sixty publications, including Woman’s Circle, Entrepreneur, In Business, Income Opportunities, Chamber of Commerce Pacesetter, Profitable Merchandising, Successful Meetings and Professional Speaker.

Connie brings information and insight, humor and hope, to her audiences every time she speaks.

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